Sponsor an Artist

Since its inception in 2006, the St. Louis Church Concert Series has brought unique musical experiences to St. Louis Parish and the surrounding community, free of charge. One of our goals is to present our very own Concert Orchestra at our Christmas and spring concerts, which expands our programming possibilities substantially. We cannot do this without your generous assistance. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to sponsor one of our musicians.

Sponsor a Chair in the Orchestra: $300
Sponsor a Vocal Soloist: $500
Sponsor a Conductor: $1000

Sponsor a Concert

Please consider making an investment in the St. Louis Church Concert Series by sponsoring a concert in full.

Candlelight Chamber Concert in 1889 Chapel: $2000
Annual Children's Concert: $2000
Social Hall Event: $5000
Concert with Orchestra: $10,000+

To participate in the sponsorship program, please contact Heather Adelsberger at hadelsberger@stlouisparish.org.