Thank you to the following patrons who have given between July 1, 2016 and March 30, 2017:

DIAMOND ($1,000 and above)

Mrs. Dorothy Sanborn
Helmut and Banashree Seifert
Mr. and Mrs. Dogan Yuvanc

Mr. and Mrs. Darien Bates
Jay and Jean Dausch
Marianne Faulstich
Rick and Annette Lober

PLATINUM ($250 - $999)

Linda and Tom McCabe
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Millar
Lynette Mitchell
Stephen and Lauren Murray
Kenneth and Roberta Norris
Margaret and John Oehrli
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Ostlie
Shirley Reddoch and Gregg Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spies
Dr. Priscilla Waynant

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Beaudoin
Tony Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. John Castner
Andrew and Mariann Clarke
Jerome and Rosemarie Fleg
Dr. Anna H. Hall
E. Tonas and Maureen Kalil
Jeff and Sharon Kulik
James and Mary Lazarek


GOLD ($100 - $249)

Mr. and Mrs. Joel LaFerriere
Peter and Marianne Lauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Raye Litten
Hilda Faust Mathieu
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mattey
Mrs. Virginia Matthias
Mary and Neale Salkeld
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sams
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders
Grand Gibson and Chun Soo
Evelyn and Alan Wandell
Margaret Whyte
rank and Kim Ziegler

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bain
Mr. and Mrs. David Bird
Bob and Mary Comer
Mr. Charles J. Corcoran
James and Mary Dausch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dawson
Kristin and Robert DeLauney
Mrs. Beth Felsecker
John and Caryl Gazmen
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Heacock
The Komlodi Family


SILVER ($50-$99)

Glenn Bell
Nana and Esther Bonnah
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Burton
Mr. Kevin Carlson
Mrs. Rose Marie Condon
Francis and Katherine Curran
Mary Dan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Denissen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dizon
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Donovan
James and Mary Anne Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Farabaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Frommer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Goodspeed
Mrs. Linda Grimm

Mr. and Mrs. David Hand-Dan
Mr. and Mrs. James Haney
Albert and Alberta Hatmaker
Elaine and Richard King
Carol and Joseph Koman
Juliana Kopec
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krummenoehl
Mike and Carmella Leumas
Samuel and Ruth Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch
Donna and John MacIsaac
Deacon and Mrs. Fred Mauser
Laura Jean McHale
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McKay
Gene and Maria Morrison
Mrs. Anne Pierce

Miss M. Eileen Queenin
Margaret Rettaliata
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rhodovi
Ms. Marjorie Simon
Leonard and Carolyn Sladic
Randy and Norma Spencer
Alexander and Jemima Stewart
Flora S. Strub
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Suchoski
Betsey Swancar
Catherine and William Swanson
Mrs. Elizabeth Sweet
Richard and Elizabeth Toth
Mrs. Renee Walton
Richard Wong

PATRONS ($25 - $49)

Byron and Kathleen Bonebreak
Dr. and Mrs. Clark Brill
Mr. and Mrs. David Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Draminski
Peter and Leigh Eirich
Ms. Evelyn Fankhauser
Roger and Jeanne Folstrom
Mr. and Mrs. George Frazer

Gary and Gerry Green
Mark and Kathy Italiano
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Keller
Mr. Scott Larson and Dr. Edith Vargo
Michael and Janet Mastroianni
Thomas and Christine McKeever
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Orlosky
Mr. Bernard J. Punte
Richard and Kay Radmer

Mrs. Nuala Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rudegeair
Mr. and Mrs. John Schuster Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Strupp
Stephen and Rikah Theodore
Mildred D. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wagner
Ms. Dianne Whalen
Ms. Christine York

Additional thanks to: Joanne and Robert Ashmore, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Buettner, Victor and Colleen Chavez, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Comberiate, Mr. Andrew Cook, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dopkowski, Marlene and Herb Goldblatt, George and Rita Kuegler, A. Richard LePore, Mr. Lou Luciano, Mr. Eugene Marrow, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Noonan, John and Deirdre Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Power, Mr. and Mrs. James Shaw, Mrs. Patricia Stuehler, Mr. Daniel Sunday, Mrs. Marion Waszkiewicz

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