February 11, 2017

Trifilio Tango Trio
Singer Mariana Quinteros

Featuring dinner and drinks,
music and dance.

Trifilio Tango Trio

Trifilio Tango Trio, led by bandoneonist Emmanuel Trifilio, also features Devree Lewis on cello and Emilio Teubel on piano. With a fresh perspective on the Argentinian genre, their concert repertoire is almost entirely comprised of Sr. Trifilio's original tango pieces: brand new, yet true to tango tradition. The group performs in many environments; from their weekly appearances at D.C.'s Rumba Cafe to providing live music for local milongas, the trio performed concerts in Buenos Aires, D.C., Richmond, and New York (2015). 

Photo credit: Javier Maradiaga

Photo credit: Javier Maradiaga



Mariana Quinteros

Trifilio Tango Trio will be joined by singer Mariana Quinteros. As a child at her parents’ home, Mariana Quinteros always liked creating and listening to music. Her childhood was full of music, and that was when she found her love for singing.

Born in 1976, she started studying vocal techniques at a very young age with Stella Crisci. She studied Business Administration and kept on perfecting her vocal skills with teachers Cristián Bruno, Delfina Oliver, Claudia Mauleon and Jacqueline Sigaut.
She taught singing lessons and vocal coaching almost exclusively for ten years at Instituto Pianissimo, an activity which she continues to do today.

For six years she was part of La Mar en Coche, a band composed of eleven members, which produced a homonym album and performed several times at Velma Café. They also presented their songs on stages such as The Roxy, IFT, and Teatro Santa María in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She was invited to sing at Tayta Bar in Miraflores, Peru, on several occasions.

She worked as a singer for the production company Muller y Droblas Producciones Artísticas. She first introduced tango in her repertoire in 2004, in a cycle carried out at La Vaca Profana. Since then, she has chosen tango as her voice and her true passion.

In 2007 and 2008 she presented her classical tango repertoire at Notorious accompanied by a piano, bandoneón (large accordion) and guitar trio. She sang on traditional porteño stages such as Taconeando la Vereda de Beba, and La Viruta.

In 2012 she presented her album “Carmín,” with a carefully selected repertoire including long-forgotten melodies, all of them with modern arrangements. She performed on stages such as Café Vinilo, Clásica y Moderna, La Dama de Bollini, Salta y Resto, El Almagro Tango Club, among others.

She was invited to present her work on several radio shows and performed live for 2×4, Buenos Aires’ Tango radio station, on Ignacio Varchausky’s and Andres Casak’s show. She was also interviewed by Daniel Pedercini and Cacho Lemos, was invited to several tango radio shows and visited Radio Nacional Folklórica for Luis Digiano’s show.

She performed on TV for the show Por el Tango, hosted by Nolo Correa (Canal Metro). Revista Ñ, Diario Clarín, Diario Popular, La Prensa, La Opinión de Santa Fe, and Revista El Amante also featured interviews with her about her album.

She is currently living in Miami, where she is starting to showcase her work through performances on local stages.